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September 12, 2005
hey there,
ive got a dreambox with hdd, and recorded some stuff and wanted to watch it on the big screen with mp.
only problem is under "movie" section that the remote files dont download and play correctly!
.) movies dont start from the begin, but i can rewind and then watch them from the start.
.) movies stop at certain point
.) partly out of sync
when i watch those movies on my dreambox, the play perfect.
thos recordings are in .ts format.
hope someone can help me


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January 26, 2006
SAme problem ... Any help ?


I do have the same (or somewhat the same problem here).

samba is running on my Dreambox and added the Movies directory on the box to the video folders in MP.
If I now try to playback a file on the mounted Dreambox hdd, MP freezes for quiet a long time. Then it starts to playback but is very unstable ( just open the menu and it is back in freeze mode :-().

I used the 0.2 RC2 and todays cvs build. Both act the same.

Any hint what is going on ?

Thank you

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