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September 4, 2005
Area: Media Portal Program / Plugins
MP Version:
Skin: default
Windows Version: XP professional SP2
CPU Type: intel Northwood 2.8 HT
Memory: 1GB dual channel ddr
Motherboard Chipset: intel 865
Video Card: Gigabyte nvidia geforce 6600GT passive
Video Card Driver: 81.85
Video Card Resolution: 1680 x 1050 @60p (monitor) / 576 x 720 @50i (nvidia custom timings) (tv)
Video Render Type: VMR9 renderless
Video Codec Type & Version: Nvidia purevideo 1.02.177
Audio Codec Type & Version: unshure
TV Card: Terratec T^2
TV Card Type: DVB-T
TV Card Driver: Beta BDA
TV Card: Saphire theatrix 550 pro
TV Card Type: analog PAL cable, hardware MPEG2
TV Card Driver: ATI Theater 550 Pro TV Tuner Drivers -
Optional Log:
Optional References:
Using Silverstone lc 16m-s with iMon VFD and iMon PAD remotecontrol.

VFD running in plugin-mode and controlled by Media Portal LCD plugin as described here:

iMon PAD using a .imo file as described here:

Synopsis: When the remote havent been used for a while, it can no longer control MP. If I use any other input (such as wiggling my mouse), it (the remote) returns to normal operation.

I also have problems with the "pointer" device on this remote. I cant get reliable control over arrow-navigation and the selection goes all over the place.

with regards
Knut Inge


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September 4, 2005
BTW, the remote does not seem to work when loggin in to windows. Anyone have a clever idea so that I dont have to keep my mouse?

I would like a "locked" setup that allows all users to boot up/down the computer and use all features in MP (without ever knowing that its a windows computer), but not allowing:
*to exit into windows
*to step "up" from folders assigned to MP

Currently, I have to use my mouse to log in to windows, then the desktop is shown while windows does all its little things, then MP automatically starts.

with regards
Knut Inge


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  • September 18, 2006
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    I don't know about your remote, but in my case it is supported without any additional drivers within MP.
    In case I want to use it when MP is closed, I have to install a program to be able to use it.

    I don't think that you can prevent someone from closing MP and get your windows environment since with the new version, you always have those 4 buttons in the home screen of MP.
    Have a look at this page to get a beter HTPC feeling:

    Maybe changing the shell is an option but I don't have a clue what the result would be.

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