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  • April 8, 2008
    For and I need to use a proxy/vpn provider to circumvent geoblocking. The problem with this is, that I have to start and stop a full VPN connection every time by hand, which is not family friendly on my media pc. I have tried tying it into mediaportal by launching external scripts, but it is buggy and doesn't always work. I have also tried the software proxifier, but it doesn't seem to circumvent the geoblocking in mediaportal, although the logs show it is routing through the proxy.

    I have also tried to exclusively tunnel the and IPs through the VPN, but for some unknown reason, that doesn't get around the geoblocking in mediaportal. Only thing that works currently is a full VPN tunnel.

    The BBC iPlayer offers a configurable proxy, which enables me to use it transparantly despite geo blocking. Could such a configuration option also be provided for the uitzending gemist and plugins?


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  • September 27, 2009
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    Uitzendinggemist is now able to use a proxy.
    For that to work, you have to fill in proxy, HttpSettings.ProxyServerAuthenticate, HttpSettings.ProxyServer and HttpSettings.ProxyServerPort .
    No support yet for proxies with passwords...

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