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Update: Here is the latest specifications for MediaPortal:
check it out first!

At the very least, the following must be installed, with the most current working versions of each available.

  • 1. MS Windows XP Home\Pro*

    2. MS XP Service Pack SP1a.

    3. MS Windows MediaPlayer 9 for playing media files.

    4. MS DirectX 9c

    5. MS .Net Framework 1.1

    6. Latest working Audio & Video drivers for your hardware.

    7. Codecs to support your video playback media.

    8. Very latest build of MediaPortal.

    9. Active Internet conection – to update TVGuide, Weather, Music/Movies

    10. For DVD playback, & MY TV an mpeg 2 codec from the installation of WinDVD or PowerDVD, or GPL Codec, etc.

All Microsoft required files are available by means of the Update Site. Just open Internet Explorer, select Tools,Windows Updates.

* Windows 9x is not supported under MP because of certain dependancies that are lacking, and Windows 2000 will function but does not support MyTV. Mediaportal uses the StreamBuffer engine from Microsoft for timeshifting & recording. Workaround for W2K/W2K3:
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