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  • February 6, 2009
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    TV-Server Version:
    MediaPortal Version: 1 + Lastest SVN
    MediaPortal Skin: Indigo
    Windows Version: Vista SP1 Ultimate
    CPU Type: Intel E5200 2.5 Dual Core
    HDD: 2x Samsung Spinpoint 1TB
    Memory: 2GB DDR2 667
    Motherboard: Gigabyte EP35-DS3
    Video Card: ATi 4350 with HDMI
    Video Card Driver: 9.2 Catalyst
    Sound Card: Onboard
    Sound Card AC3:
    Sound Card Driver:
    1. TV Card:
    1. TV Card Type:
    1. TV Card Driver:
    2. TV Card:
    2. TV Card Type:
    2. TV Card Driver:
    3. TV Card:
    3. TV Card Type:
    3. TV Card Driver:
    4. TV Card:
    4. TV Card Type:
    4. TV Card Driver:
    MPEG2 Video Codec:
    MPEG2 Audio Codec:
    h.264 Video Codec:
    Satelite/CableTV Provider:
    HTPC Case: Silverstone KL 01
    Cooling: Asaka Heatpipe Cooler, 2x12cm Low Noise Fands
    Power Supply: Coolermaster 520W Real Power Pro
    Remote: Generic MCE
    TV: Asus VH222H
    TV - HTPC Connection: DVI

    some of you may know im working on building a dedicated HTPC, i've come accross a problem, my screen has 1080p resolution but i dont watch HD stuff, so i thought i'd lower the resolution so the onboard chipset wont go crazy, and from what i can tell the resolution that the skins are made at are 1366x786, but i dont have this resolution availble on my screen to set :confused:

    at the minute im using 1280x720 but it doesnt look right on the screen, any idea's on what resolution would be better

    oh sorry fixed it, refresh rate would help ;)

    sorry Admin can delete if need be

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