Resume Video playback crashes MP (1 Viewer)


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June 12, 2005
Hi all..
I have a bit of an issue when playing XviD files. If I go to My Video and play one, and if it asks if I want to resume where it left off and I answer "Yes", MP locks up. The screen stays on the file selection screen, but MP becomes unresponsive, and I can kill it with CTRL-ALT-DEL. If I say "No" and play from the beginning, it is all good.
Any suggestions? Would it be possible to disable the "Resume Playback" dialog box?


MP 1.3.0
latest codecs
XP Pro SP2
Athlon XP1800+
TwinHan MiniDTV-T


New Member
June 12, 2005
Fixed..It appears to be a problem with ffdshow. I disabled the XviD support and installed the stand-alone XviD codecs, and it resumes correctly.

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