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August 16, 2020
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Hi Team,
I'm sure this would have been covered previously, but my search-foo has failed me tonight.

Last time I updated MePo, all of the Watched Status flags were lost, meaning that @WonderfulWifey (and the sprogs) couldn't tell what videos they'd already watched.
...the WAF* was low with that one! :eek:

In researching a possible update from v1.16 to v1.25, retaining the Watch Status is the biggest caveat that I need to consider.

I found the thread for the "Flag Mover: backup and restore watched flags" plugin but note that it's for MePo2 rather than MePo1
Is there a similar plugin for MePo1? or another way to retain these when updating?


* Wife Acceptance Factor

PS, the "System Specs" and "include Logs" links in the "Don't forget to include Logs and fill in System Specs for Support!" thread are broken, so I haven't included these items here.
I am happy to add them if required for this support query.


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    Last time I updated MePo, all of the Watched Status flags were lost
    Hmm. The watched-status flags are stored in the database, and the database is retained when you perform an update-install of MP (i.e. not a first-time install). So I would have expected the watched-status flags to be retained. Caveats:

    (1) If you update from a very-old version of MP, there might have been a change to the database structure, which resulted in the watched-status flags being lost.

    (2) If your watched-status flags are maintained by an MP plugin, it is possible that their watched-status flags are not retained (depending on how the author of the plugin coded the update process). I don't use plugins, so don't know whether this might be the case.

    I would suggest creating an image of the drive containing the MP application (usually the "C:" drive) before updating MP. If you again lose the watched-status flags, you can at least restore the image that you created, to get back to where you were.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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