RetrieveSubtitles option not working when downloading from BBC iPlayer (1 Viewer)


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October 20, 2011
I just found out about the RetrieveSubtitles option, and it works ok for BBC iPlayer when streaming, but it doesn't when downloading. I have tried to play the files from MediaPortal, Media Player Classic and Microsoft Media Player, and I can't get any of them to show subtitles: as far as I can see the downloaded file doesn't include a subtitles stream.
Are the subtitles just not saved or maybe there is some other option that I have to enable?
I have MP and OLV 1.3, ffdshow_rev4496_20121213_clsid for codecs.[DOUBLEPOST=1362341146][/DOUBLEPOST]ok, found out the answer by myself already: I updated OLV to 1.5 and I can see that it downloads the subtitles as a separate .srt file. I love MP and OLV more every day, thanks guys! :)

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