Rework GUIPicture / Slideshow (MP1-2555)


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  • November 12, 2007
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    Description of Change

    This branch fix wrong selection on item when returning from recursive slideshow.

    Now when returning from slideshow (Date view / Share view), the item is selected/focused and when going back, the correct folder (where is stored the item) is selected/focused correctly and so on.

    When doing testing, i notice that current 1.7.1 has some issue when doing slide (for example some black slide can happen)

    This is a BUGFIX installer to get attention about testing for user that run into this issue, with enough good result and without regression, it surely can go in next MP release :)

    Tickets :
    Wiki docs: No need.

    Steps to install and test
    Download the -->> installer <<-- and execute it.

    Upgrade your current 1.7.1 hotfix installation and try :) :

    • Start slideshow in date or shareview and stop it or use ESC
    • See if correct item are selected

    Please do not forget to give some feedback (also if there is no bug). Thank you!
    That's all :)



    Version 1.7.1 Hotfix based version.
    Build Based on MP 1.7.1 master + MP1-2555 branch.
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