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November 1, 2012
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I live in a country where the EPG text is in a right to left language only (Israel -> Hebrew).

I use MP 1.3 beta in English (and I want it to stay in English). The EPG over DVB-T here is displayed in MediaPortal just fine - except for the fact that it's direction is left to right instead of right to left - which makes reading the EPG a bit annoying.

If the problem was the opposite and in English, than instead of this:
>----------------------- <​
>Hello, how are you? <​
>----------------------- <​

It would look like this:

?Hello, how are you<​
Is there a way to change just the EPG text (title+description) to a right to left direction? I'm as a basic user as they get, if I was a developer - I'm sure I would find a solution and post it here.​
If there isn't a solution (yet) - since there are millions over millions in the world who write and read right to left (Arabic speakers in example), it might be a good idea to add a direction change option to the EPG display. Even just an add-on (like in Thunderbird, just for the example).

Thanks for anyone who can help... :)
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May 21, 2008
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The problem is much bigger than this - in addition to the RTL issue itself, it also makes long titles cut-off from the BEGINNING instead of the END....

This means that a long title like this: "This is a very long show name - episode 15 - rerun"
Will actually look like this: "name - episode 15 - rerun..."
Instead of like this: "This is a very long show...."

Which is EXTREMELY annoying.

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