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  • April 22, 2004
    Who is looking for a new programming challenge?

    Not even sure if it is possible.
    WMP does not display the titles.
    Would be nice to have the title diplayed.

    That is what I found on the sourcforge streamripper homepage in the FAQ:

    Q: How does Streamripper get the track data/meta-data from Shoutcast streams?
    A: I would really like to spend a day or two and write a formal doc on how this works. But the skinny is that for every x bytes (specified by the meta-int HTTP field) Shoutcast servers send the track data. If the track hasn't changed it sends a NULL byte. If there is track data you'll get a number > 0, which is the length of the meta data divided by 16. The multiplier is so they can fit the size within one byte. The meta-data field has two fields "StreamTitle" and "StreamURL". StreamURL IMO is useless, however the StreamTitle is the track name, and is used to make the separate tracks.



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  • April 22, 2004
    O.K. I had a closer look at the sourceforge open source project streamripper.

    It has the following very appealing features:

    #Fetches shoutcast radio stations from shoutcast webpage
    # selectable for genre
    # bitrate displayed
    # artist / title display of played song
    # ripping to mp3 with automatic track splitting and filling id3tags
    # possible to record and listen through mediaplayer at the same time

    there is a lib which probably means one could make another gui or integrate it in mp in the future.
    it is startable via myprograms, but certainly hard/impossible to read on screen (have only tried on desktop so far)
    It is not a winamp plugin. it is a stand-alone application and it starts streams in WindowsMediaPlayer on my PC.

    If you want to try:
    1 click refresh button to get stations
    5 go to "more options" (important!!!) and change user agent name to anything else u like (many stations won´t let u rip their stream with the standard name in the field)
    1a doubleclick on station choose one of the servers
    1b don´t forget to specify a destination to save the mp3´s
    3 press "start rip"
    4 press "connect to relay" to listen to the music in WMP (I think it opened up WMP when I tried, however might be necessary to start WMP beforehand)
    -> this is also why it is not really tips and tricks: I assume it won´t play the stream in MediaPortal but open a WMP window. Haven´t tested though yet.
    2 there you see the currently played title (not all stations send the necessary meta-info)


    description and download is here:



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  • April 27, 2004
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    Hie Tomtom,

    hehe, i am currently considering to put Shoutcast into My Radio. But i do not know if i find the time this week. It is not to difficult. I will report in the next week.


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