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I'm starting to develop an application thah allow to control mediaportal via webservices or an serveurs.

I'm going to develop this application on Windows( All version : 9x,2000,XP,2003 and mobile verision: CE mobile 2003, MacOSX, Linux, Palm, Symbian.

If someone is intrest to help me.


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September 27, 2004
pocket pc remote
this would be really great.

i'm no programmer,
but if you need some graphic stuff for the interface, i can help


That's exactly what I want.

Move in MP and exemple see the TV's guide and planing a record whitout change the curent viewing in the screen and change channel if I want it.

But I like to qeep the goog interface of MP on the differente devices.

If I can the same skin.


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October 10, 2004
Sure, but then you have to build a plugin for media portal, and the fact tha tyou have to buy netremote for 20-30 dollars kinda defeats the whole free software concept.

Currently I see they have a plugin for winamp, you can get a free web based plugin called webamp that interactively lets you drowse your music libraries from a pocketpc. I use this now, I am hoping to have a plugin work with MP instead so I don't need winamp on my htpc computer, one less program to launch and maintain.


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May 18, 2004
I'm currently toying with a trial of netremote.
It is not the holy grail... :|

creating custom screens is difficult, not intuitive..
it is practically useless without girder on the HTPC (more money)

there is e plugin for MediaPlayer called a mediagateway.

on my system it has crashed more than the songs i played using it..

oh, and designing screens is ... difficult :roll:


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November 27, 2004
Tilburg, Netherlands
I've bought a copy of netremote and it's a great piece of software well worth it's money. I agree that it's more likely for netremote to create a plugin for media portal than the other way around because of the fact that it's not free. I think creating a way to connect to MCE is higher on their priority list. Unfortunately not too many people seem to be using media portal in their community.
but who knows, I was exited to find this post

As far as the tool to create the GUI on the pocketpc (Tonto): it's not the easiest of programs. They started making their own editor. There are great examples of premade skins that you can take as a starting point


I known netremote but I want tu develop an application that can be running on the most OS.
And I want it GNU GPL. and Free4ever.


great ideea, i have a windows mobile 2003SE smartphone and i will be delighted to use it as a bluetooth remote for MP :D

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