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Discussion in 'General Support' started by jestermgee, May 10, 2012.

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    I have had this issue for a long time and only rediscovered it after issues when I upgraded my server and ran tests with my laptop. My system only uses MP for live TV.

    I run a dual tuner in my server with multiple clients connecting.I have a dedicated 7200rpm drive for the timeshift and recording.

    I have always used the UNC method for streaming live TV and recordings but when rebuilt my server and upgraded MP I reinstalled MP on my laptop to test with and started having a range of issues streaming. I also removed the MP server and installed 4TR as the tuner and had the same issues with the client:

    - Channels would not connect to server (Tuner Failed)
    - Trying to connect channel several times would eventually connect
    - When a channel connects it would have a LOT of breaks and glitches in the stream (several a minute)
    - Changing channels would take 10-20 seconds
    - When changing channels sometimes signal would be lost
    - When changing channels sometimes MP would freeze

    My system was working 100% previous to my upgrade on my HTPC so I couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong. I formatted the recording drive, stopped every running service on the server and tested and re-tested the antenna cable with no success.

    I then tested my HTPC connection and it was fine:

    - All channels connected to server
    - Channel flipping was about 3-5 seconds between different transponders,about 2 seconds on the same transponder
    - No glitches or skips
    - No lockups
    - All channels could be scrolled through without issue.

    I then remembered the edit I had made to the mediaportal.xml when I setup my HTPC to set UNC streaming and when I applied this to my laptop machine all the issues disappeared.

    I have done some reading and can't find any real issues others seem to be having so I wondered is there issues or a reason I might be having these issues. I don't mind using the UNC method but am curious.

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    I can totally confirm this.
    Of course I am not a programmer but it would seem that either RTSP by design or it's specific implementation in MP performs quite bad.
    I've had dropped frames for years now and using UNC solves this 100%

    HOWEVER, using UNC introduces several other problems on other ends that's why I chose to stick with RTSP afterall.

    Still, whenever I am fed up of dropped frames, I switch to UNC.
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    What sort of network connection are you guys using?

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