Schedules Direct US/Canadian/Mexico EPG Plugin (Updated August 2010)


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    I would not recommend the use of the SchedulesDirect plugin for you because you're dealing with cable. Instead I'd recommend to grab the SD data using mc2xml, then import the data using TV Server's XMLTV plugin:
    XMLTV mc2xml

    That way you have explicit control of how the EPG gets linked to your channels.


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    The Schedules Direct plug does this:
    -Grabs your SD lineups from your SD account
    -Matches the SD channel names up with the Channels you have set up in TV Server.
    -Adds the guide data for those channels.

    From your post I have no idea where you are stuck. Do you have a Schedules direct account set up and have your channels selected? Do you have working channels in TV Server? Are those channels named in a way the SD can match them? What works and what doesn't?

    Happy to help, just need to understand where you are tripped up.


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    Have you set up a Schedules Direct account? -> If not, then you have to set up your account in order for the plugin to work.
    If you have set up your account, you will need to find the check mark box that say something like "Force full guide update on next TvService startup". You will then have to stop the TV server and restart it to have the add-on fill in the information.

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