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November 14, 2011
A few days ago I saw that I can not go into this window any more.

If I click on it it says "Schedules" but nothing of this winows shows up. The window of the menu before stays.

I searched the Internet and found nothing similar.

Than I thought maybe TVWhislist is the reason for it and reinstalled it, installed a newer version today and uninstalled it. Nothing changed.

Does anybody has an idea what could cause that problem?

Latest MP is installed (no beta), new installation in summer 2012

  • BackupSettings
  • MPExtended Power Schedular
  • Power Schedular ++
  • TV Movie Import ++
  • TVWhislist
  • XmLTv
  • World Weather
  • Avalon Skin
  • Browse the Web
  • Clickfinder
  • FritzBox Manager
  • InfoService
  • MediaTip
  • Extension
  • MyFilms
  • MyLyrics
  • Online Videos
  • Opeara
  • Radio Time
  • Fanart
  • MP3D
  • MusicInfoHandler
  • MP Upnp Renderer
  • WiiRemote

Cards: Digital Devices (2 tuner) and anysee


Everything updated

Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium
i5 3,1 GHz

If I should post more information please let me know.



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November 14, 2011
There are many logs, but I hope I got the right ones...

Found in MediaPortal and MediaPortalTV



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    Hello musi

    Is this still a problem?
    The issue seems to be:
    2012-12-12 05:55:09.915149 [scheduler thread(7)]: Exception in Program.Persist() with Message The number of returned rows 0 did not match the expected count of 1+.
    If concurrency control is enabled this may indicate that the record was updated or deleted by another process.
    2012-12-12 05:57:40.809780 [SQL EPG importer(3)]: BusinessLayer: InsertProgramsThread error - Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt., bei TvDatabase.Schedule.GetProgramsForSchedule(Schedule schedule)
    bei TvDatabase.Schedule.SynchProgramStates(Int32 idSchedule)
    bei TvDatabase.Schedule.SynchProgramStatesForAll()
    bei TvDatabase.TvBusinessLayer.InsertProgramsThreadStart()

    Please make sure your database is okay by following the instructions here:

    Let us know if that doesn't solve the problem.



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    November 14, 2011

    Yes the problem still exists :)

    Thanks so much for your help! I will try it after MP is done with its recording at the moment :) I really hope it will help and solve the problem...

    I will let you know if it works afterwards.

    musi[DOUBLEPOST=1355658208][/DOUBLEPOST]OK I tried it and it says to everything "OK".

    Than I checked MP TV Config if I can see the schedules window againg but I can not...

    Now I will restart the computer and see if something changed.

    Before I did the check with the command-box I closed MP.

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