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December 16, 2011
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I'm getting some odd results when trying to look over my schedule. When I go into the TV Server Setup, that tab doesn't load. I see this in the log file:

[2013-10-02 11:33:33,320] [Log    ] [SetupTv  ] [ERROR] - Exception  :System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  at SetupTv.Sections.TvSchedules.LoadSchedules()
  at SetupTv.Sections.TvSchedules.OnSectionActivated()
  at SetupTv.SetupTvSettingsForm.ActivateSection(SectionSettings section)
Additionally when I go to scheduled in the gui, only 4 series show up. When I take it off the series setting, and search for a show, one of the ones I've set to record on a schedule is there.

Images and log file are included.

11-49-32.png 11-50-32.png tv-setup.jpg

Not sure if this is related, but trying to export all settings never completes. It's been sitting for a few minutes on tv channels for 10+ minutes. No file gets created...


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December 16, 2011
United States of America United States of America
OK I just used sql and deleted all items in the schedule table. Had to re-add them manually. But that seems to fix the issue.


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May 21, 2008
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I have the same problem here.
Did your fix work?

As I understand correctly you delete with SQL al the time tables

The schedules tab re enters when adding a new advanced recording?


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October 10, 2016
Australia Australia
This method worked for this problem however you don't have to get rid of all the schedules, just the bad one(s). You will need to download an SQLite browser so the C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MP2-Server\Database\MP2TVE_3.s3db file can be opened and edited.

The problem I had was an invalid schedule was added (I use Kodi as the front end) and in the idChannel column one schedule had a '-1' in it which can't be right (all channels have a positive number).

So I just removed that row and all was good again. Keep in mind the the TV Server service should be stopped first and re-started after editing (and make a backup of the DB first too, just in case).

I think better data validation before the schedule is inserted into the DB is needed.

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