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October 18, 2012
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Hi all,
I've been using Windows Media Center for several years and felt like trying out something different.
I have the following:
Win7 Pro x64
Mediaportal 1.2.3

Win7Pro x64
Intel i5
Hauppauge HVR-1600
Hauppauge HVR-2250
Mediaportal 1.2.3 with Schedulesdirect plugin

I live in the Niagara region, Cogeco is the cable company. We don't pay for cable TV, but do have cable internet. About 80 channels are unencrypted QAM which we can receive. This has all worked fine in WMC for the last couple years.
The HDHR has the cable TV hooked into it's dual tuners. It scans and finds 300 or so channels, 80 of which are open/unencrypted
The two Hauppauge cards are plugged into different antenna's outside and get about 15 ATSC channels.

I can't get the linking/mapping between channels to work so that the guide data populates in Mediaprotal.
All the channels found on the HDHR look like "Unknown-46025-21" for example. I can tune to it, and then determine what channel it actually is by watching for their logo.
I can't however seem to get the EPG data to line up.

An example,
TSN (sports network) is on named 607250-3B after being found in a scan. Schedules Direct lists this at "28 TSN" on their site. I tried renaming the channel to the ID# schedules direct shows (11182) but didn't get the listings. I tried renaming it to "28 TSN" and again still didn't get any listings for it. In both cases MP did show the new channel number, but "not available" for the epg data.
I can see the TSN listings in the EPG guide but that one i can't tune to. This is because there is no tuner associated with it.
I can't see a way to link that to the "unknown" entry that is the actual TSN channel.

Any thoughts?


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  • December 2, 2011
    Hi Greenenvy,

    I also live in the Niagara region ( Grimsby ) and use the clear QAM channels from Cogeco. I switched from Schedules Direct to the xmlTV service/plug-in, and now everything has worked since. I have 2 Bell sat receivers/ 2 Cogeco ClearQAM tuners / 2 OTA tuners, all matching the programing data from the xmlTV plugin. I use the paid version of xmltv and pull from microsoft's media center service. ( no monthly fee )

    Note: Cogeco does switch the clear QAM channel mapping from time to time. Bit of a pain, but these tuners are set to the lowest priority, the image quality typically sucks anyway.

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