SD HDHR4-cc (or HDTC4-CC) H.264 hardware transcoding and it's impact on the current state of things? (1 Viewer)


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December 9, 2013
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So Silicon Dust is supposed to be coming out with a networked CableCard 4 tunner model that does H.264 hardware transcoding. So what's going to be the impact of that on ecosystems like MP? I'm not sure how it will all work. What about a front end? I suppose you still need guide and PVR functionality so you still need MP or equivalent. Right now MP is doing the transcoding to other devices (MPExtended, web client, aMPdroind) - would MP just simply pass it (H.264 hardware transcoded video) through to the device (relieving the server machine from those duties)? Would the quality settting etc. be adjustable?

On another note... What about regular MP clients? Would MP use the hardware transcoded video to serve live TV to other PC clients?

Just curious. I've been holding out on buying a HDHomerun Prime but I'm taking some WAF hits and getting pressure to make something happen. I'm wondering if I'd regret later getting the HDHomerun now.


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    Hello T^2

    I've asked Silicondust to create/share an SDK/API for controlling the transcoding. The idea would be to integrate the control into TV Server. Ideally each "user" (ie. device) would get their own profile. So, a tablet or phone or web access could get low quality; a full desktop could get high/full quality. It would also be possible to set a profile for recordings. This isn't going to happen in the near future... but I hope it will happen sometime in the next few years. Years being the likely time scale. It all depends on how quickly TVE 3.5 progresses, whether tuners supporting transcoding takes off, and whether Silicondust create/share their API/SDK.


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