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December 11, 2007
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I'm a student doing my master's thesis in the University of Oulu, and I'm urgently looking for help!

The subject of my study is how usability is seen in certain open source projects. I'm doing this as a case study, looking into certain OSS projects. One of them is, as you might have guessed by now, MediaPortal. Part of my study is a short questionnaire that I'm hoping a few developers from each of the OSS projects would answer. I tried to find some answerers from your project's IRC channel but couldn't reach any developers that way. So I'm throwing my request here, to a forum targeted at developers, in hopes of having a better luck this time. If this is a wrong place to post this type of request or if any of you have other suggestions, I'm happy to receive any comments!

I picked a few names from these forums whom I think might be good people to answer this questionnaire. I'm hoping to reach: high, catavolt, morpheus_xx, chefkoch, misterd, sebastiii, Owlsroost, and Lyfesaver74. Also any other active developer, who is familiar with MediaPortal development, is very welcome to pipe in. I wish that any of you would either send me a private message, post in this thread, or send an e-mail to, so I can send you additional details and link to the questionnaire.

Questionnaire is really a pretty simple one, should take only about five minutes to fill out. All the help would be very much appreciated. I hope to get answers within a week.

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