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March 16, 2013
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Hi, im new, coming from Plex. Thought i would give this a proper go because it looks so good.

But the config is sooo time consuming. And nothing is very clear, i dont see why it has to be sooo complicated.


In the config. If I select a plugin to be in home. It wont show up in the MC.

Is this a bug, is the actual config for the skin someplace else. Whats going on?



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    The setting in the MediaPortal configuration utility "In Home" or "In Plugins" refers the to "Classic Home screen" rather than the default "Basic Home screen". There will be a basic home screen configuration plugin released to customise the home screen from inside MediaPortal by the Titan team very soon.


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    The home screen has two modes
    Basic home and classic home

    This is titan's basic home

    This is titan's classic home

    You can choose between basic + classic home here
    or toggle between them (if both are enabled using the H key or Start button on your remote)

    The 'in home' vs 'in plugins' only changes the classic home. If you want to edit the order of items in classic home or edit classic home then see here:

    Titan is a very new skin, and the basic home editor for titan is a work in progress and is not finished yet
    If you want a basic home editor you need to wait for Titan's basic home editor to be complete or you can look at another skin that already has a basic home editor, eg. StreamedMP, Avalon, MayaHD
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