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July 2, 2008
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MediaPortal Version: 1.2.3

When i want to select an Artist folder in shares view MP reacts wrong.

Steps to Reproduce:
Win 7 , Skin = Default or Default wide
I have 199 artist folders (9 pages)
View: Icons (Small)

Focus on "A" like Accept
When i press the "8" on the remote for "V" 3 times MP jumps to "TU".
With focus on "S" like Slash, MP jumts correctly to "V".
The same with focus on "Y" like Yes.
When i press the "2" three times for "C" MP jumps to "AB".
Focus on "A" like Accept and MP jumps to "C".

Merry Xmas
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  • February 23, 2008
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    Tried to reproduce this, but i can't. All is working fine here (also with the upcoming 1.3 Final release), so i'll set this to No Bug for now.
    @briegel: If you still experience problems with the filtering, let us know (and logs would be useful)!

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