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February 23, 2009
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Hi I'm using MediaPortal V with DVB-S (in germany).
Have one computer with the MP TVServer running and two with just the MP Client (also using MpTvClient V1.3.2 when I get too frustrated).
I want to be able to have EPG on all three computers.
Now I have to main situations:

1. I'm using the grabbing-function that reads out of DVB-S stream
The problem is known, that you don't get much more than two days of data, but I also for some reason loose EPG-entries when I start watching a channel, most of the time it is exactly the one that I'm watching at that moment

2. I tried using WebEPG. I didn't have a problem getting that to run, but for some reason it completely cleared the, to me unknown, EPG-Data-Storage of the MP Client and did not show any data.
Now the MpTvClient comes into the game, cause with that one I get the EPG-data on all the computer (the server and the two clients). :confused:

3. Then I tried out the "TV Movie EPG import" Plugin. I really like it, but here I also have problem number "2" and also get a time-offset :mad: (didn't get it with XmlTV (therefore didn't have use the timezone compensation)) of at least 12 to 18 hours (haven't tried to find out the exact amount of hours it's in front, or maybe even ahead) when using MpTvClient.

I hope someone has an answer to at least one of my problems, maybe they are already identified as bugs (and I just didn't find them), or someone has already a workaround for it (which I also didn't find :oops: ).

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