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April 4, 2013
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The Plugin works great for me! I just have 2 questions:

1. Set one Poster/Banner for a Serie

I download the default 3 Banners and 3 Posters per Serie. But I want to set one fix Poster/Banner for one Serie. But I can not find the setting. Can you please help me?

2. Download but Disable Thums

I want to download the episode thumbnails, but I don't want to display them in the GUI. Is this possible?



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    1. Disable the dynamic artwork, then you select a 'default' one via F9 -> Artwork and that one is shown. You can also disable all the others, so there is only 1 artwork left for the dynamic one to pick from.

    2. Disable the showing of episode info, you will see the series thumbnail for artwork and a text along the line as "*hidden to prevent spoilers*" for episode summary. Once an episode is then watched, all will be revealed. It is in config somewhere, forgot exact name.

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