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February 18, 2009
Hi All

Well first off nice program. And for free!! wow!

Anyway so a mate told me about MP so I put it on my work PC to try. All was workign well (apart from TV, I'll explain later). I tested it for ages and was happy.

So I Loaded MP up on my desktop PC at home (I'll add all the specs of it when I get home) and now on both PCs MP crashes all the time not long after start up. It may have something to do with TV cards. I've got two TC cards and one USB HD DVB-T USB stick

TV cards are both Conextant chips (I'll get more info tonight) and the DVB-T is a Intel CE9500. I don't think any of them are supported as I'm having huge troubles trying to set it up. I think that I'll need to do that Graph thing.

I've attached the logs of my work Laptop where its crashing everytime I start it.

My work laptop is a Compaq Evo N610 with 1.5g of ram running XP.

Sorry for my first post being a help post instead of saying how great MP is. I feel like such a noob! I have to help people all day with our products and now I fell a bit silly with having issues! LOL:sorry:

Thanks heaps!


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    GeneralRequirements - MediaPortal Manual Documentation

    Operating System

    Supported operating systems

    * Windows XP 32-bit Edition with service pack 3
    * Windows Media Center Edition 2005 with update rollup 2
    * Windows Vista 32- and 64-bit with service pack 1

    From what I see in the Requirements section of the manual it may be your OS thats causing the problem. you could ask around to see if anyones got it running on NT - but its not one of the supported OX's which may explain part of the issue.

    Operating system Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3

    (in which case I dont know why MP installer didnt pick this up - devs?)


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    From what I can see the tvserver is having trouble connecting to the sql server. Based on your logs it didn't seem like you have done tv server setup yet. Did you doubleclick on tv server configuration and then a window called "mediaportal - tv server management console" should pop up. If your tv cards are supported they should be listed under the "tv servers" heading.


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    1. make sure that there are no firewalls running on your PC while you test/install/configure MP.
    2. the easiest way to install everything you need is by pressing the "one click installation" option in the installer.
    3. after you finished installing, reboot your pc.
    4. then start "TV-Server Configuration" and setup your tv-cards.
    5. after that start MediaPortal Configuration and do the config you want/need
    6. then start MP


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    February 18, 2009
    Ok I think that TV server is the issue as I have no idea what the passwords are! I didn't set one in installation so i guess that they are a default one? Or should I reinstall??

    Next part I'm a bit confused with is can I have either a Microsoft SQL database or a MYSQL?

    Sorry for all the questions. I've been reading the FAQ and Manual...

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