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April 19, 2009
Ok so i have Mediaportal installed on my HTPC in the livingroom, but i wanted to be able to use another client on my laptop, so i followed the guide and sat up the shared databases and everything was great! - until now:mad:

Setup is
Mediaportal 1.0.1
Moving pictures and MP-TV series

HTPC has a shared folder called "Team MP Share" (with the config, database and thumbs folders)
HTPC has normal client installed with the edited "MediaPortalDirs.xml"
Laptop has normal client installed with the edited "MediaPortalDirs.xml"

So what happened?
Well i reinstalled windows on my laptop (copied the whole mediaportal folder to a backup drive and copied it back over the new MP installation i ran after windows was installed)
Now i think the problem was that i started Mediaportal before i had the database drive mapped via Windows, so it came up saying 0 movies and 0 tv-series.

I remapped the shared drive, but something has gone wrong :-(
Now i can't even open the configuration for MP-TV series. The configuration for moving pictures opens, but there are no movies in the list, and i cannot add new locations.

So I'm guessing the database files are corrupt somehow? Or?

Nevermind i deleted the databases and after running the configuration again for the modules the databases got recreated. I'm in the middle of reimporting everyting, so I guess I lost the 'viewed' status on all my series... Oh well that will teach me to remember to make backups more often :)

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