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November 9, 2004
Oxford, UK
I have media portal set up on a few PC's in my house.

I have a Vaio laptop under the living room TV, which I use to access the media on its own disk, as well as media on my office PC.

I have recently been DivX'ing as many of my DVD's as possible, so I can watch them without having to get the DVD out (plus its cool) ;)

Now, I DivX the DVD's on the office PC, mostly because its faster, but also because its where the final AVI's will end up anyway.

Now, I also do the IMDB search on the office PC, and get the info for the movie. I then get the correct image from Amazon if needed, and make sure the details are correct.

Unfortunately, the information doesnt appear on the laptop in the living room. I have to go through the same procedure in order to pick up the values.

I have found a "short cut" for this, which involves copying the videodatabase file from the office PC to the laptop. However, I then also have to copy the thumbs/video folder - containing any new images.

Then I have to change the paths information too.

I say its a "short cut" - because if I do this in batches, it is quicker than IMDB'ing a list of movies. One at a time, its probably not quicker.

Anyway - is there a way to either share the databases, or synchronise the information, including any thumbnails??

The same could be done for photo thumbnails too.

If not... I want one. I suspect Im not the only person with MP set up on more than one PC.


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  • December 6, 2004
    Agree, I'd also like the option to do the lookup from the config, so when I add a bunch of stuff I can quickly hop in get all the info and then in the evening I have all the info available in MP already ;-)

    BTW I use a similar system with PC/Laptop.


    This would be solved with a client/server setup - something a lot of people are wanting from what I've read. Also, it seems like the people who run MP on more than one computer are not in the few.

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