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September 4, 2005
Is there anywhere in the wiki or somewhere else that we can share setups in an organised manner?

I have spent considerable time to get my VFD screen, iMon PAD remote, DVB-T card, analog tv/radio-tuner, EPG etc to work properly. I think that many users can`t or won`t or shouldn`t have to spend that much effort.

Perhaps there is a spot in the wiki where we can upload xmls or something organized into hardware, country etc such that I may select:

"UPC cable provider"
"OTA DVB-T trial transmision"

"Terratec T2", "Sapphire theatrix", "Silverstone lc series", etc

Then get a package of xml files that i can copy and paste and be able to use MP out of the box even with equipment that is not supported by compiled MP versions (yet)? As an example, different cable providers will use different frequency schemes at different times. Those channels should be downloaded as a file with proper naming convention, and connected logically to EPG info in a user-friendly manner. FM radio stations are also highly dependent on precise location. Advanced users will probably tune all parameters, but for me, nothing beats having software up and running instantly, then worrying about details later...

with regards
Knut Inge

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