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  • December 17, 2007
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    Hi, this is a working copy of Shoutcast directory plugin for Media Portal 1.2.0

    -ShoutcastDirectoryPlugin-0.9.2.rar for Mediaportal 1.0.2 -> View attachment 59549
    -Shoutcast Directory Plugin.mpe1 for Mediaportal 1.2.0 -> View attachment Shoutcast Directory Plugin.mpe1 (07 October 2011 - Test version 0.9.5)

    Please find the source code here.


    Please after installation read this : to manually update configuration ;-)


    And no, I can't integrate this in the official plugin...


    Skins support
    • Black & White 1080
    • DefaultWide
    • StreamedMP

    What is shoutcast directory plugin ?

    • browse genre and tunein shoutcast radio stations
    • search for stations
    • favorites
    • backgroundworker for the xml-grabbing
    • filter by bitrate and/or starting character
    • sorting by name, bitrate and listeners
    • uses player from mp to play the stream and display the vis
    • record multiple streams
    • favorites are saved in the same format as the xml-data from shoutcast
    • language file is readable by the mp xml config reader
    • Don't forget : original version by Vertiger / Technick since 2010

    + cmpatibility with MP 1.2.0
    + added defaultwide skin support (rudimentary)
    + added streamedmp skin support (rudimentary)
    + removed obsolete skins (bluetwo, blue3)

    Open issues:
    + style of hover icons
    + rework skin files
    + call for new skin files

    Thank for all your comments ;-)


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    December 31, 2006
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    and the request deluge begins!

    3 feature requests....besides some stability issues.

    First - can we get widescreen support? 16:9 at very least

    Second - can you make a favorites list? so stations can be tagged and stored in a quicklist you can just call up without doing the search? this will help reduce the pounding the shoutcast servers will take in the way the plugin is used once people find channels they like.

    Third - Can you make this appear in My Radio? or is that too hard? I find the way this plugin works to be superior to prior methods of gathering/playing streaming stations.(once rounded off of course) And I believe it deserves a place in My Radio as it will be treated as a bunch of radio stations. Whether they are tuned or streamed should not matter in My Radio as average listeners(WAF factor) couldn't care less where it comes from as long as they play stuff you want to hear.

    Stability issues - basically you can't do anything else while listening to a stream connected from this plugin....loss of MP focus kills the stream. Maybe you can get the BASS player to stream it? I don't know if that's more stable or if that would even work. I can stream now without losing the stream when MP is minimized to tray using the old .pls method, but this plugin always shuts the stream down when you do anything that loses focus.

    This is not an issue on my HTPC cause its usually used for one function at a time(mostly). On this comp however, I use MP for most playing in window mode, and switch back and forth. Normally all works pretty well, for the most part, more testing with 2.3 stable should iron out the rest.

    Layout issues in skins besides blue two - much work needs done here, but from what I can tell, it's just organization of layout support for wide skins/strange layout skins. (this would be the veiled call to skin authors to support this please!!!)

    Once again, thank you very much for this plugin and it's simplified approach to usage and setup, make it an MPI and the setup issues disappear and it's near perfect.:D



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    October 11, 2007
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    Now thats a cool plugin, great work. Finally i can use shoutcast comfortable in mediaportal :)
    But I have 3 small requests.

    1. Xface skin compatibility - it's looking really funny in there :) And the name "shoutcast directory" is too long for the xface main menu.

    2. I'm kind of impatient and when i'm clicking on a station nothing happens for a few seconds, could you build in some visual feedback after clicking ?

    3. I don't know if this one is even possible. When i selected a genre i have to hit your back button to get back to the genre list. In the Video & music section i'm normally using the back button on my remote but unfortuanly it brings me back to the main menu :(


    Just after posting my requests i found another one :p

    When i'm minimizing mediaportal (quiting) the stream stops. Could u let it play like in the music plugin ?


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    November 5, 2007
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    Thanks for this great plugin! I know it's been mentioned, but I'd second the need for:

    1. Widescreen support
    2. Favorites
    3. Use the same genre categories as in the dropdown shoutcast genre list. There just seems to be too many genres in the list. Not a biggie though.



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    July 8, 2007
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    1. - widestreen added
    2. - favorites list is in progress
    3. - for appearance in my radio with radion plugin has to be changed - this has to be done by the mp-devs

    - the loss of focus do not stops the stream, but minimize to tray does - i will take a look

    1. - shorted the name
    2. - in progress (together with the background woorker)
    3. - done

    - the music plugin also stops playing when minimized

    1. - done
    2. - in progress
    3. - i won't do this, because i grab all genres and won't builtin hardcoded genres


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    June 25, 2006
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    I have modified the skin so it is compatible with XFace
    I have an error about genre when going to the plugin. Don't know why ...
    Also I prefer to use XFace "radio" PNGs. So I copy & rename them with "shoutcast" to make this work.
    Thank you.


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    November 19, 2007

    All listings -on wide (1024*768)- screws text up ... numbers overlap text looks bad.
    Favourites is a must.
    Any chance of a rename - for my wife who isn't into technology, "My Internet Radio" would make a LOT more sense


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    August 14, 2007
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    I have modified the skin so it is compatible with XFace
    I have an error about genre when going to the plugin. Don't know why ...
    Also I prefer to use XFace "radio" PNGs. So I copy & rename them with "shoutcast" to make this work.
    Thank you.

    I was using an old version of Shoutcast plugin, I have updated the skin and it works with the latest version. I put that logo in as I like it. I have changed it to the radio logo now. :D

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