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March 29, 2010
Hello, I have quite a large collection of movies that the scrapper cannot find. Is there any way to make them show up alongside the rest of my movie collection (on MP) all the same? Showing just the name would be enough...

I'm asking because certain movies from my collection are not popular enough to be in any of the major movie databases so there can be no scrapper to load their info. Also I would prefer not to have to add their info manually since they're quite many. Just showing their names with a blank cover would be enough... Any work-around?



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March 29, 2010
Yes I'm aware of that option and I have used it some of the times but I was rather asking if there's any way for this to happen automatically (so that I won't have to add each of my movies manually when I'm to import my foreign movie collection).

Sorry if I was unclear in my initial post. Again, thank you.
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    OK, i understand ;)

    It kinda depends... If all those foreign movies are listed on IMDb, you coud try the IMDb+ Scraper and add the ttxxxx number from the IMDb website to the file or foldername.

    for example: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

    If you add the 'tt1345836' part to the file or foldername, it will directly import the right movie. But if your movies aren't on IMDb, i'm afraid you'll have to individually add them.


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    Why is the foreign collection failing to be auto-matched is perhaps the biggest question.

    Home.Vacation.Movie.2012.avi is what the blank editable movie option is meant for is you wish to show these movies in Moving-Pictures.

    But if it is an actual movie, and IMDb does not contain it (very rare), then you can simply add it yourself to TheMovieDb website, and it will get picked up as well.

    You can also 'abuse' the IMDb+ custom rename system, and add an entry to the custom rename XML file on invalid IMDb tt-ID entries. Did not do any real testing with that myself, but it should work. Of course this will require work on your part in modifying the filename and creating all those custom rename entries, but you only have to do it once.

    I'm more curious in fixing why the filenames failed to match though. Granted I have some of those movies myself, such as "Sarah Millican: Thoroughly Modern Millican" which as of right now has no IMDb entry (expand 'Self' section for: to see), but does have a TheMovieDb entry as per:

    My guess is that you need additional tweaking to the noise filter for the filenames to be properly converted into a movie title to search on, or that there is something else going on that can be fixed if you provide more insight into exactly why it fails. Providing the full folder+filename would help as it is then at least possible for any other Moving-Pictures user to find out why it fails by creating a 0-byte file with that name. If that results in working fine for the person checking, but still fails for you, then it is debug-verbosity log file time to find out why it does not work for you.

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