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December 24, 2005
Amersfoort, the Netherlands
So I bought myself a Shuttle ST62K with a Celeron D 315 cpu to become my HTPC, the onboard graphics card is an Ati 9100 which can't do DirectX 9.
So I was seeking a PCI DirectX 9 capable card and found the geforce fx5200 series.

Are those well enough for Mediaportal and will the combination of the geforce fx5200 and the celeron d be enough to watch dvb-c tv using the firedtv dvb decoder?

I should have thought of checking the directx capabilities before I bought the darn thing, but I will have to use this barebone or sell it second hand since I can't return it (windows is working like a charm).

So my main question is:
- FX5200 or a new barebone with AGP/PCI-e on it?
which leads me to:
- is the FX5200 enough for mediaportal?

thank you


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May 8, 2006

What version of the drivers are you using?

I just purchased the ST62k last weekend and I'm getting ready to install MP on it, but I'm having some set up problems...

I have the VGA out connected to an LCD and the TV Out connected to my Plasma (480p). I've installed XP Home Edition and the Catalyst 6.4 drivers and my main LCD monitor works fine, but it will not allow me to clone my display through the TV out. It will let me switch between the LCD and TV, but the clone function will not work...

Has anyone tried this with the ST62k?

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