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April 27, 2013
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I have a turnknob on the casing of my HTPC.
This knob returns
depending on what you do (turn or move it)

I am very happy how I can browse the menue items like in Music (since they are aligned vertically)

In BasisHome the menue items are alignes vertically, so a different keymapping would be better.
Instead of altering the turnknow assignment, I though of modifying the BasicHome.xml

I changed the <onup> and <ondown> to <onleft> <onright>,
now turning the know accesses the main menue correctly.

They only problem: I don't find a way to access the sub menues.
Line in TV, you originally pressed DOWN (<ondown>) to get into the submenue.
Is there a way I could assign PAGEDOWN to take this action?
(In my case, pushing the turnknob down causes a PAGEDOWN event)

Many greetings

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