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December 13, 2008
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since several months we're working on a new skin (based on the basichome of Gravyard x-factor2 Skin). We started with modifications of x-factor last year... after several work we noticed that we created a completly new Skin. We call it "ProjectOne" We are absolutly convinced that it will take a little longer time to change to MediaPortal 2.0 there we thin this project isn't nonsence. We're not sure whether it is possible for us to convert the skin for MediaPortal 2.0 in the future. But maybe there is a way... and someone with a lot's of more knowledge then us gives some support...
We are no IT sepcialist and we do not have much time but we like the skin and the ideas. we hope other likes it too...

ProjectOne is near the first official release, therefore it's time to post some informations and screenshots about the skin.
The skins offers to the default theme 3 major subthemes. This themes differ essentially in colours. There are two bright and two dark ones.
For the moment following plugins are completly in all theme supported .
- BasicHome
- infoserice
- movingpictures
- mymusic
- mypictures
- myvideos
- onlinevideos
- settings
- subcentral
- TV (partial modificated)
- tvseries
- WorldWeather

One important further task was the complete reorganization of hiddenmenus, the videoplayer OSD's (
videoFullScreen and videoOSD) and the modifictions of the old x-factor2 SkinEditior plugin.

we hope to finish this week the adjustments of dialogs and elimination of several bugs. After this follows the first release!
After summer holiday we want to add/finish following plugins to the skin:

- TV
- RadioTime/Rockstar
- Mylyrics
- myextensions
- mccentral (depends on further updates of this plugin)
- Trakt

Download ProjectOne Version 1:

The attached screenshots are maily pics of the default bright theme. In the case of myvideo, videoplayer OSD's and Basic Home u can see a part of the other themes.
home1a.jpg home1c.jpg home1e.jpg infoservice.jpg movingpic1.jpg movingpic2.jpg movingpic3.jpg movingpic4.jpg movingpic5.jpg movingpic6.jpg myvideo1a.jpg myvideo1b.jpg myvideo1c.jpg myvideo1d.jpg onlinevideos1.jpg onlinevideos2.jpg onlinevideos3.jpg onlinevideos4.jpg osd1.jpg osd2.jpg osd3.jpg osd4.jpg osd5.jpg photo1.jpg photo2.jpg photo3.jpg photo4.jpg subcentral1.jpg subcentral2.jpg tv-series1.jpg tv-series2.jpg tv-series3.jpg tv-series4.jpg tv-series5.jpg tv-series6.jpg videofullscreen1a.jpg videofullscreen1b.jpg videofullscreen1c.jpg videofullscreen1d.jpg worldweather1.jpg worldweather2.jpg
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January 29, 2005
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First of all: great work! The black and yellow/gold theme could be something for me.

Not sure about the font in basic home menu though - especially because you use also a different one in the skin and I don't like serifs on screen applications.


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    Are those the buttons from Athena i see lol.


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    First of all: great work! The black and yellow/gold theme could be something for me.

    Not sure about the font in basic home menu though - especially because you use also a different one in the skin and I don't like serifs on screen applications.
    yes the fonts ... that's an important point. At the moment it's mainly Constantia, FranklinGothicBookLight. (For the Time we use Consolas)
    We're open for suggestions should u have a good one.


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    December 13, 2008
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    It was a huge work to develop and design a skin with two different layouts (4 themes...) but after weeks of bug elimination and tuning and at least summer holidays it's finally time to publish our first official version of "ProjectOne" (Downloadlink in the first thread). As already mentioned the skin supports: - BasicHome- infoservice, - movingpictures, - mymusic, - mypictures, - myvideos, - onlinevideos, - settings, - subcentral, - TV (only partial modificated) - tvseries, - WorldWeather.

    There is a very large pictures collection of movie studios (big studios, channel logos etc.) used in tvseries and myvideos. If u install it only the first start sequence takes a bit more time thru cash process...
    It's recommanded to install LatesMediaHandler, Fanarthandler and MusicInfoHander (all included in the extension) to use all functions.
    Don't forget to create u own BasicHome via Projectone Editor (in Mediaportal configurator)!!! This was the major reason to create projectOne...

    We intend to update the skin occasionally. There are still several plugins we like to add and there are some layout adjustments (mainly little new pictures here and there). If u find a bug inform us in this thread preferably with a screenshot!
    We are sure we didn't eliminated every bug because we couldn't find it till yet.;)

    everybody who like to develop projectone with jet006 and me is invited.(y)
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    Thank you, it's a beautiful skin. Is there perhaps a way, to not use the Blu Ray Covers or correct the aspect ratio of the poster fanart? I'm not a big fan of DVD or Blu Ray covers in a skin layout in general. But here the posters in series layout look squished.


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