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December 24, 2009

I need your help please: I want to disable the topbar in skin Xtreme in Mediaportal With the plugin "Topbar" in Mediaportal Configuration it isn't possible to disable the topbar, the skin overrides this settings.

So is there another way to disable the topbar - only in skin Xtreme? With other skins I have no problem to disable it.

Thanky you!
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November 28, 2011
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Hi DJProject,
if you don't want the topbar in Xtreme, you can enable fanart layout in skin settings and disable the topbar plugin in Mediaportal configuration.

For normal layout, disabling topbar plugin you have no effects because I have used an xml different from that one of standard topbar, to avoid the need of an MP restart to change colors of buttons when there is a switching between the different themes.
The choice of having always the topbar for normal layout is related to the "basic design" of the skin, like was for the old Xface from which Xtreme is inspired, but for the future, if there are some users who wish to have it without topbar, I might consider the possibility to introduce another skin setting to enable or disable the topbar also for normal layout (I will ask for this to the community with a post in main Xtreme thread).

Hope this help for your need


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December 24, 2009
Hi Marduk65!

Thank you for your answer. This solution (with fanart) helped me. I don't need the topbar because I have a remote control.

Have a nice day!

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