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March 16, 2007
Spain Spain
First congratulations for your work.
One suggestion: could you update your skin, adding the UHD resolution in the logos?
Thank you


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November 28, 2011
Italy Italy
Hi all,
the new release of Xtreme skin has been right now published on the download page.
The big news of this release is a little attempt to introduce something new compared to the other wonderful skins: the Navigation Dock.
The Navigation Dock is a graphical replication of the BasicHome menù available in any view.
Using the Navigation Dock you can experience a new way in navigating between the different sections of MediaPortal; you can jump, for example, from your music collection section to your movies collection section without the needs to return to the BasicHome menu.
In the most of the cases you'll find the Navigation Dock on the right, but in some cases (for example in Settings section or TV section), you can have it on the left (the NaviDock tab will tell you where you can find it).
Due to the fact that the NaviDock is a replication of the BasicHome menù, it can have the same number of items (from 5 to 10) with the addition of the Home item to return to the BasicHome main menù.
As the different menù items, the icons of the NaviDock can be choosed/defined by the Xtreme Menu Editor.
A basic set of icons is now provided with the skin (see screenshots below), but you can find other beautiful icons into the Xtreme eXtesion Pack or you can use your own preferred ones (I wonder if those who have nicer icons can share them here on the forum).
NaviDock_1.jpg NaviDock_2.jpg NaviDock_3.jpg NaviDock_4.jpg
NaviDock_5.jpg NaviDock_6.jpg NaviDock_7.jpg NaviDock_8.jpg
A little note about the way to go on the NaviDock: from playlists control pressing the right arrow doesn't results into the expected navigation to the NaviDock on the right (I onestly don't know why); to go on the NaviDock from the playlists you have to go to the top of it and then press the up arrow or go to the bottom of it and then press down arrow. From all other controls the navigation is as you can easily guess (press the right arrow when the NaviDock is on the right or press the left arrow when it is on the left).

By default the NaviDock is enabled, but, to leave as much flexibility as possible to the end user, if you don't like it you can choose to hide it into the skin settings (for English language: Settings -> Skin -> Xtreme General settings -> Hide Navigation Dock)

The second news is the rounded backdrop for the BasicHome Menù (see screenshots below).
RoundedMenuBackdrop_1.jpg RoundedMenuBackdrop_2.jpg RoundedMenuBackdrop_3.jpg RoundedMenuBackdrop_4.jpg
I like very much the apperance of the rounded backdrop for the graphical menu of Hero Vision theme included into the Xtreme eXtension Pack, so I've tryied to use that kind of backdrop also with the textual menu and I think that the result is very nice, so I've decided to add it to the skin as option.
By default the rounded backdrop is not activated; if you like it you can activate it into the skin settings (for English language: Settings -> Skin -> BasicHome settings -> right arrow -> Rounded Menu Backdrop).

As requested by Beruth, I've added some new logos for Ultra HD resolution (I don't have UHD movies, so I've tryied them with some video samples; hope they works always as expected).
Xtreme_new_logos_1.jpg Xtreme_new_logos_2.jpg
Many thanks to all of you for your kind appreciation ( ...they are a very important boost for a poor skinner :)), and hope that you can enjoy this new release.

Ciao (y)
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February 28, 2013
Turkey Turkey
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Installed using MediaPortal Extension Installer. set Basic Home theme. Ran MP config, set Xtreme as skin, exited. Ran MP...
after Starting Plugins it went away, didn't finish loading skin




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November 28, 2011
Italy Italy
Hi murnaz,
uhm, very strange issue (n).
A stupid thing that often solve strange errors is a computer restart; do you have tryied it?
If that do not solve, you could try to uninstall the skin using Extension Installer, download the mpe1 file from here and then install the skin with it.
Looking at your log files, I see that you have some plugins that I've never used and tryied with the skin, so I don't know if someone of them could cause the issue; you could try to disable them and launch the skin; if the skin load properly, you could try to enable the plugins one for time to find which of them is causing the problem (if you should give me this information, I could try to make some test to discover the cause of the issue).

Let me know (it's very difficult for me to try to help you; hope we can solve)

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