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January 27, 2006
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Hello all,
First time caller, long time listener here. I have been using Media Portal for quite a while now and have decided to jump into skinning. I have looked through some of the posts in this forum to gain an understanding in how to build the theme I wish to have but I come up dry.

My skin would be a bit different, control wise, than the traditional skin having a list of options on the first screen that a user must scroll through. I wanted to try having a couple of buttons on the first screen, mainly 'My TV', 'Videos', 'Music', 'Pictures' and 'Other'. I do not want these in a scrolling list though, I wanted to place these buttons each on a corner of the screen (My TV in the center of the screen, Videos top left, Pictures top right etc.... while having 'Other' smaller, down at the bottom. The graphics for the buttons may be of different size as well.

I downloaded and installed this wonderful Skin editor but am at a loss of how to create buttons that 'do' something. That something could be either starting functionality in Media Portal, or launching an external process.

Ok, long post, but here is the question: Where could I find either a guide, or some help in accomplishing this? Wouldn't matter if I could do this in the Skin Editor, or if I would start hacking XML (Would like to learn either).


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August 13, 2005
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This is one of the most critically underdocumented (undocumented?) regions of MediaPortal. As far as I know you pretty much just have to jump in by looking at the existing skin files.

As for your idea of static buttons on the home screen, this was not possible until recently when a "Basic Home Screen" was added to the ProjectX skin in a CVS release. I heard reports that this was broken in a later CVS release, so I don't know the status of this feature, it could be fixed by now.

I would suggest that you jump on IRC and try to get some help from someone who is very familiar with MediaPortal skinning.


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    yes you can make such Homescreen with the basichomescreen take a look at the ProjectX Skin (Basichome.xml).

    ..with a new cvs you can use mp with starting with this screen. In the general setup you can switch the funktion on.

    @ jawbroken

    ... the problems with this i have fixed. With new cvs all works fine. :)

    Greetings Harley

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