SKINNING - Suggest what graphics "look" you would like for the web interface (1 Viewer)


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December 19, 2009
Hey all,

just put all the files in one dir, and open up the html file to have a look, and provide some feedback, thanks!

Would appreciate some suggestions or desires, maybe after
awhile if there begins a trend of suggestions, I'll put up a poll.
Please lmk what resolutions you BROWSE at, ...wide or 4:3, etc

If anyone has alternative "layouts" you'd like, lmk as well.



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    AW: SKINNING - Suggest what graphics "look" you would like for the web interface

    I would prefer "Maya" style:D


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    December 19, 2009
    that's pretty funny lol, starting to mess around, nothing too fancy at all, going to design with 1024x768 in mind...

    if anyone has any input on what resolution, let me know...


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    December 19, 2009
    yeah, i have no clue where or what kind of monitors people are browsing on, so anyone feel free to chime in, please see OP for an example of a simple change and image integration, not done, just to see if anyone likes it, the colors the layout, etc...

    all input appreciated


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    Is there any way you could reuse graphics from existing skins? For example they all provide various tvguide_*.png, background.png, various button png's etc.

    That way users could setup their web interface to look like the native TV Guide, this integrated look would be a great addition to the user experience.


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    December 19, 2009
    Cheezy, thanks, I'd seen that file in StreamedMP but didn't realize that all skins have a similar thing, I'll get a few different skins and mess around, very cool, thanks!


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    Personally I think this needs to work on netbooks and laptops, so you can't forget about smaller resolutions.

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