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Discussion in 'MediaPortal 1 Talk' started by mama, December 6, 2004.


Skins separately

  1. Yes, please separate it

  2. No, one package please

  3. I don´t care about this

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  1. ordinary73

    ordinary73 Portal Member

    October 9, 2004
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    Berlin, Germany
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    The more users design their own skins (if MP is spreaded wide enough this is just a matter of time) the more skins will be available. To make the skins an additional feature is simply argumentation.

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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

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    Totally agree with that. One skin should be the default skin and the rest should be browsable via the remote inside mp and should be downloadable from there. That would be my prefered way... I have downloaded the whole package but I only use one skin, seems like a waste.

    But then again... is it a feature that is a must have or good to have? Well I tend to think that this is someting for the future :)
  4. mama

    mama Portal Pro

    May 31, 2004
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    Sales Manager
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    Definitely Samsonite! My only intention was to see what others think, and to hear what the dev team thinks. As it is a lot of work to divide it at a release, just let it as it is now. Well, I have a 3MBit DSL, but for ISDN or analog users (yepp, they´re still alive! :D) it would be nice to have it separated.

    But MrMario, just keep it in mind for any future releases! ;)
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

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    Here's my two and half cents...

    Media Portal should come with at least two skins. I think the current default, MCE, is ideal and then another should be selected.

    The rest, like Harley's Xmas skin, should go into a skin library similiar to what you would find at nullsoft for winamp. (plugins, too.)

    I completely agree with MrMario that a skin versioning system needs to be implemented. Updating every skin for every release is a lot of work and ridiculous. Two skins would be manageable for each release, I think. The library could specify what version it is compatible with and it's up to the author/designer to update it.. not some guy who is already burning the midnight oil on this and other aspects of the MP project.

    I think we would need to go one step further... once the skin engine becomes stable, there needs to be some version control that prevents skin engine changes in minor releases so everytime a new release is made, all the skins don't have to be updated. Major releases are a different story. Now if we just had a perfect world...


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