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May 6, 2009
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I have an unusual problem. I've been running MediaPortal without any issues, and a couple days ago an odd issue popped up.

While watching previously recorded TV shows, I usually press the skip button on my MCE remote to jump ahead the default 15 seconds. Hell, sometimes maybe even more! :) Anyways, my skip button on the remote no longer skips ahead.

When I press the right (skip) button, MediaPortal plays the sound as it should when I press a button, but that's it. No skipping. I figure it's receiving the IR signal because it does play the audio sound of a button press. I've checked the skip/jump settings to make sure they didn't get messed up, and all looks well. Batteries test good. The remote's mapping looks correct. I've powered off/on the whole system just to make myself feel better, and no difference.

Any ideas of things to check would be appreciated. :D

TV-Server Version:
MediaPortal Version:
MediaPortal Skin: Blue3
Windows Version: Windows XP Pro SP3
CPU Type: Intel Pentium Dual 2.4
HDD: Seagate 1TB
Memory: 2GB DDR2 800
Motherboard: Intel DG965RY
Video Card: Asus GeForce 8400 512MB DDR2
Video Card Driver: GeForce 182.50
Sound Card: IDT (Onboard)
Sound Card AC3:
Sound Card Driver: 20001.0
1. TV Card: Hauppauge PVR-500
1. TV Card Type: analog
1. TV Card Driver: 3.2
2. TV Card: Hauppauge PVR-500
2. TV Card Type: analog
2. TV Card Driver: 3.2
3. TV Card:
3. TV Card Type:
3. TV Card Driver:
4. TV Card:
4. TV Card Type:
4. TV Card Driver:
MPEG2 Video Codec:
MPEG2 Audio Codec:
h.264 Video Codec:
Satelite/CableTV Provider: Charter Cable
HTPC Case:
Power Supply: Rosewill 500 Watt
Remote: eData DEC-200B MCE Remote
TV - HTPC Connection: Composite

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