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March 9, 2007
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The fact that I can not skip through music anymore is a big showstopper for me and I probably won't upgrade to 1.1.0 until there is a solution. The need to go to 'now playing' or 'Vis' is ridiculous. I want to be able to quickly skip through songs and withing songs without leaving list view.

Please, please, please bring back the skip step functionality!


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  • March 21, 2008
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    While it may not provide the same comfortable skipping as we had originally, I found that the PureAudio plugin has a skip step functionality which is working fine.
    The downside is that it only skips in steps of 20 seconds, but anyway I find that much better than using regular fast forward/rewind.

    The plugin can be found here:
    ASIO music player - MediaPortal Forum


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  • August 13, 2007
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    AW: Skip Steps not working when using FWD/RWD Keys

    As far as I´m concerned the actual status is absolutely correct. With FFW/REW you speed up the music playing in either direction, and with SKIP FW/SKIP BW you skip to the next/previous track as it is on ALL Hifi equipments. Don´t see your problems here? ;)


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  • March 21, 2008
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    I think there was some rework going on for the gplayer factory. Before this, you were able to use the FFWD/REW buttons to skip step by step through the current track, in the same way as you're able to while watching video with the left+right cursor keys. It would use the steps configured in the MP configuration for this.
    This functionality got removed as the gplayer changes were introduced somewhere between 1.0.2 and 1.1 beta. In fact, the functionality wasn't really removed, it was broken, because the gplayer somehow overruled the code in BassAudio.cs that handled this functionality before. Basically it looked like the gplayer acquired the FFWD/REW keys and wouldn't pass the keypresses through to the Bass module so the code piece in BassAudio.cs which would handle the skip steps actually never got called after this change.

    hwahrman has already confirmed this as you can see above and had also implemented a quick fix, which however wasn't a very ideal solution and so got reverted.

    An ideal solution from my point of view would be to create 2 new actions (e.g. ACTION_SKIP_STEP_MUSIC_FORWARD/BACKWARD) and let the user assign keys to that (maybe even the FFWD/REW remote keys). The action should then be handled either in BassAudio.cs or directly in gplayer - I'm not too familiar with the concept here, so that'd better be something that is discussed by the team. That would allow the users to select if they rather want to have the fast-forward/rewind thingy that we now have, or the skip step functionality.
    While this seems to be relatively simple to implement in BassAudio.cs - I had to change only 4-5 lines to assign ACTION_SUBTITLE_DELAY_MIN/PLUS to the skip step functions for music which for me personally was a working solution - I've no idea how to add new global actions to the code.
    And anyway an ideal solution would probably require some more thinking from a design perspektive.

    Let's face it, if you have to Fast-forward through a music track (maybe think of audiobook dimensions), it's simply just a pain. Skipping stepwise through the track is much easier, faster and more precise.

    The skip step functionality is actually one of the major strong points of MP for me (contrary to XBMC, which doesn't have this, at least not nearly as configurable as MP) and I wasn't too pleased as this was removed from My Music. I also don't think it was intentional, it was just a side effect of the changes and nobody really noticed it, maybe because possibly not too many users regularly fast forward/rewind their music. For those that do, I can't imagine anyone finds the current functionality superior to the skipping we had before. But it's personal preference of course.

    In fact this posting now doesn't contain any more data as you can already find on the first page of this thread.
    An indication of the old behaviour can also be found in some older thread which I also linked to before as well.

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