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November 11, 2014
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I'm working on trying out media portal. I put together a test system with the following hardware:

System Specs:
Win 7
MediaPortal 1.10.0
Pentium E5200
Nvidia GeForce 210
HVR-2250, HVR-1600, HVR-1800
EPG: Schedules Direct & Xmltv

I have Time Warner cable, so I have my cable input connected to the 2250, the 1800 and the analog input of the 1600. I have a broadcast ATSC antenna connected to the digital input of the 1600. I created 3 channel groups: Analog cable, Digital Cable, and Digital Broadcast. This meant that I had 3 entries (analog, digital cable and broadcast) from some national channels, ABC/NBC/CBS etc, but otherwise everything was working pretty well.

When trying to schedule recordings by series, I found media portal isn't well suited to this configuration, I had a hard time indicating which of the 3 duplicate channels I wanted to record on.

I came to understand that I should merge channels that have the same line up, so instead of an Analog NBC, a Digital Cable NBC, and Broadcast NBC, I should just have NBC, and let the tuner priorities resolve Digital or Analog availability.

I did this, but no when I tune from channel to channel, Channels that have a Digital feed take a long time to start displaying, several minutes. Tuning from analog to analog only channels don't take anywhere near as long. This wasn't happening before I merged channels, I was able to switch from channel to channel, either with the "Change Channel" keys or the EPG. I'm not sure what went wrong Any suggestions ?

Logs Attached.


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    Your log files aren't showing the problem clearly. Please can you use the watchdog with option 1 (rather than option 3).

    When you select option 1 and click proceed it will start MediaPortal.
    Attempt to view one or two of the analog channels that tune quickly, and one or two of the channels with digital feeds that tune slowly.
    Once you're done, close MediaPortal.
    The watchdog will create a zip file for you (same as with option 3).
    Please post/attach the new zip file... and be sure to tell us which channels tuned slowly.


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