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October 10, 2008
Need some assistance here, please.

I have a dedicated HTPC running Vista Ultimate with SP1 plus Sky+ STB and Yamaha AV Receiver. I don't rely on VMC as I much prefer MediaPortal with Monochrome skin and MP TV-Series. I use a Hauppauge WinTV PVR150 to record/copy programmes from the Sky+. For the time being I don't have TV Server, but who day.

I have a genuine MS Remote/Blaster which I have been trying to map with Intelliremote.
Have gone through all the relevant registry deletions and other 'stops' to prevent VMC from starting up, but now have the situation where on resuming from sleep the computer merely shows a black screen.

I had to manually re-start the HTPC and last night played a DVD in Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra v8. However certain problems were encountered when I hit the stop button which I have mapped to Alt+F4. PowerDVD did not actually clear the screen and I also got a Winamp dialogue box pop up with some sort of error. Unfortunately cant remember what it said exactly. Had to use my wireless keyboard to clear everything off the screen.

So. Have I buggered the HTPC by stopping/deleting the suggested programmes/registry entries? I think I am going to have to do a clean install of the OS and then setup MP again/again/again (not again!!!!!!!!).

The point of this thread is:

Seeing as I don't want to use VMC, can I simply do a clean install of Vista Home Basic or XP Pro (neither of which have MCE) and thereby do away with the need to edit the registry and prevent VMC/MCE from starting/running. All I want is to use MP for videos/tv series/music/pictures and, more importantly, have WAF.

Hope somebody out there can help.



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June 19, 2007
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I had tried with both Vista home prmium and XP mce with running MP... However got sick of issues with MCE And VMC over-riding remote and stuff like that.

Am currently running on XP Pro, and having no issues whatsoever, upgrade to SP3 first.

I tried on Vista... but found speed issues with decoding our h.264 hd tv streams.... but was fine for everything else (think it was a lack of grunt issue on my pc)

So answer. I would clean instal xp pro...

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