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May 20, 2011
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I have encounter strong problem to fill my music database.
I've got a NAS with all my music in a dedicated folder. My HTPC is connected to it using the samba protocol (have tried NFS but without success).
First I had created a directory (M: for music ;)) and declared in MP configuration this directory.
It was impossible to fill the music database.
After some hours of tries, I have change the location adressing and use directly a "\\DOMAIN\folder" adressing and....
It works.
So I've done this post for those who will have (or who have) the same problem.
Additionnaly I'm not sure that it's a MP problem, so should I post a bug report?



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    Don't think that it is an MP problem.

    I used to have my Music collection on the NAS mapped to a driver letter as well. And that worked for some time.
    Then i decided to connect it using UNC path. i.e \\servername\share.
    I did this, because i figured out that Windows XP, which i had at this time on the HTOC, had troubles to reconnect the drive sometime after waking up from standby or reboot.
    And i never had that after switching to unc.

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