[Solved] Failed to install application [MediaPortal TV-Server 1.3.0] (1 Viewer)


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December 17, 2012
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After few PC Reboots I was suddenly able to upgrade. Case closed hopefully.:)
I am trying to upgrade from 1.3.0 RC to 1.3.0 FINAL and all goes well until TV-Server installation. I get this error Failed to install application [MediaPortal TV-Server 1.3.0]. I would like to install TV-Server but that is not necessary. If you can help me through upgrade with TV-Server it would be very nice. If not it is ok if I could somehow skip TV-Server upgrade or remove it before upgrade. At the moment I am stuck with the upgrade. I can start it again but it is always stopping to this error.

I do not want to make fresh install and lose my moving pictures and tv-series libraries.
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