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January 28, 2013
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I have been trying to find a certain HD-TV channel long enough that I have come into conclusion: Mediaportal's Region/Provider list is not up-to date.

My problem is the following: I live in Finland, and the closest city to me that I can find on the region/provider list is Mikkeli. Fine, Digita is provider there, and sends DVB-T channels in three transponders. I can find all those channels with all my three tuners fine. But then there is another provider, DNA, and they built this new link at Otava in March 2012, which would be even nearer location to me. DNA is responsible of sending HD-channels over antenna network. Most of those channels are not free, but one channel is: YleHD. I have DVB-T/T2 USB tuner stick so I should be able to watch that one channel. And because I got TotalMedia 3.5 with my USB Tuner, I can find that YleHD channel (and all other channels from both Digita and DNA) just fine, and I can watch that YleHD channel with TotalMedia.

But Mediaportal cannot find DNA's transponder list. I am not sure but I *think* that it's because there is no Otava found on Finland's region/provider list. I have tried advanced search, typing in the frequencies, and tried all those options with no success. I have tried to open TotalMedia channel list in notepad so I could see if I could check some YleHD's channel settings there but that file is not ordinary text file and I cannot read that too well.

The weird thing is, that ONE time (out of those several dozen of tries) Mediaportal actually found those DNA's channels (but without channel name). But those channels don't work, so those detected settings are not right.

So, I would like to know how on earth I could always find those HD-channels from BOTH providers (Digita and DNA) when I do a channel search in Mediaportal and not just Digita's channels, because I can search and see all those channels in TotalMedia without any problems. If I have outdated region/provider list, where can I find one that is up-to date?

EDIT: This problem is now solved. I decided to try "All regions" from region/provider list, and although that search took forever, it actually found all those HD-channels from DNA provider without problems, and now that free-to-air HD channel YleHD is showing without problems. Apparently I got Mhz and all those right when I tried to manually search the channel but for some reason that didn't work, Mediaportal needs to find the channels by itself.

So if anybody else is having problems finding channels, try "All regions" if your own region (or closest regions) don't seem to find all the channels.
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