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    Hello everyone,

    As I learn about the online video plugin, I have run across a few things that I cannot find in the forums.

    Currently I am only using youtube.com so please keep that in mind.

    1) I have set in the config the resolution that I want to display my videos at, however when I try to play a video, it always asks which resolution to display in. Is this a bug? I can take some screen shots of my config settings if that will help.

    2) Is there a way to build a play list of videos from youtube so that when one finishes, a new one loads? Again this will also only work if I don't have to tell media portal which resolution to use.



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    For 1.
    Use Play on your remote or (p) instead of ENTER to start playing - this will play the configured solution
    You can add video to favorites or playlist via the context menu (F9) and then Play all (also in the context menu)

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