[SOLVED] The used codec is different from the one set in the configuration (PowerDVD) (1 Viewer)


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September 20, 2012
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Hello All,

To watch live TV I have set PowerDVD codec for both standard and HD transmissions. With a big surprise, using GraphStudioNext, I discovered that instead of PowerDVD codec the Windows DVD-DVB codec is instead used (I don't know why I made such test!!!!!). I have then made a try with LAV codecs and all is working perfectly. Summurizing:

- LAV selected in TV settings -> LAV used while playing the channel
- Microsoft DVD-DVB selecetd in TV settings -> Microsoft DVD-DVB used while playing the channel
- PowerDVD13 selecetd in TV settings -> Microsoft DVD-DVB used while playing the channel!!!!

Something wrong with the last but...what? If needed, I will post the logs (not early since I'm actually outside for a business trip). For now, just to know if someone else has the same issue. Thanks! :)

Just edited the post and the title since the issue happens also for the videos and not only for the TV (I suppose it happens also for the other formats).

Please find attached two screens displaying the settings (PowerDVD codec is selected) and the Graph while playing the file (Microsoft DVD-DVB codec is used). Just for info, if I set LAV, LAV is correctly used...it seems an issue with PowerDVD codec...but which issue?

I have attached also the logs!

Thanks for any help!


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    Do you have PDVD codec installed correctly? Does this codec work in other players?


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    The problem is that the PDVD video decoder is refusing the connections - note the 'failed' messages:

    [2014-03-05 17:06:40,319] [Log    ] [MPMain   ] [DEBUG] - Filter: CyberLink Video Decoder (PDVD13) - try to connect: Video Out
    [2014-03-05 17:06:40,612] [Log    ] [MPMain   ] [DEBUG] - DirectShowUtil: RenderUnconnectedOutputPins Pin Video Out - failed
    [2014-03-05 17:06:40,613] [Log    ] [MPMain   ] [DEBUG] - Filter: CyberLink Video Decoder (PDVD13) - try to connect: ~Closed Caption Out
    [2014-03-05 17:06:40,817] [Log    ] [MPMain   ] [DEBUG] - DirectShowUtil: RenderUnconnectedOutputPins Pin ~Closed Caption Out - failed
    [2014-03-05 17:06:40,818] [Log    ] [MPMain   ] [DEBUG] - Filter: CyberLink Video Decoder (PDVD13) - try to connect: ~Encode Out
    [2014-03-05 17:06:40,999] [Log    ] [MPMain   ] [DEBUG] - DirectShowUtil: RenderUnconnectedOutputPins Pin ~Encode Out - failed
    Do you have PDVD13 installed and licensed ?


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    September 20, 2012
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    Thanks for the hints!

    After one day of full immersion in different solutions, the issue has been solved thanks to the installation of SAF (http://hobring.esero.net/saf/binary/)! :cool:

    No necessity to install PowerDVD to use its codecs. I'm going to change the title of the thread removing [BUG?]...in fact nothing related to MediaPortal issues! (y)

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