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May 5, 2008
A weird problem where I have no sound at all with some media:

Streaming content from, for example, the TVgemist plugin, and 50% of my fullHD trailers don't have sound. Tried all codecs, without succes. Now I'm using AC3filter for H264 and MPA for AAC, it's the only combination which gives my MP32.0 DIVX files sound (it was silent as well). I configured the AC3filter somehow so it "makes" 2.0 Divxsound into Dolby Digital (the receiver shows that so..I guess it converts it)

With all the media that does work, the receiver shows "Dolby Digital" or "dts Digital", they work great! Seems that all the non-5.1 content just stopped working? Also, before divx was working, the receiver showed DB Prologic II, now that it works, it shows DB digital, so it seems that it's actually converted and that it works because of that (AC3filter ftw :) ). The stuff that still doesn't work still shows, as you can guess, DB Prologic II.

This wasn't a problem with any other mediaplayer software, it just worked when it was just DB Prologic II :) It also works perfect in Windows Mediaplayer and MPC-HC, and that is under the "DB Prologic II". I wonder how it is possible that it doesn't work in Mediaportal?

And how come some HD 1080P trailers from Apple are silent? I thought every 1080P file uses the same codecs? So if one file works (example: Harry Potter 6 latest trailer), and another one doesn't (example: Star Trek XI Trailer 3). How is that even possible?:eek:


I use the latest SVN, with the MPC-HC subtitle patch
MPA video Decoder vor H.264/VC1
FFDshow Video for MPEG
AC3filter for sound
MPA Decoder for AAC sound
And set Default Directsound as encoder.

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