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February 7, 2006
I'm planning to set up a PVR soon (ordered the Plextor TV402U already) and first looked into GB-PVR, but now stumbled upon MP. Now I have a few questions...

Among the software requirements Windows Media Player is mentioned. As my Win2k (I found the info on how to make MP work with Win2k) is extremely stripped down (via nLite: no IE, no WMP etc., but codecs are there), I was wondering, if there is any way around this. Can e.g. Media Player Classic be used?

Also, I plan to run the video capture on a "server" PC sitting in a closet. I'd like to watch the recorded video on various (wirelessly) networked "client" PCs. Is there a client application for MP to make this work? All I found so far, involved some re-encoding and streaming via VLC, which seemed a little complicated.



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  • January 14, 2005
    I would think you should be able to download QuickTime Alternative and this should give you a lot of the codex and WMPC as well. As for the requirement of having WMP 9 or better... I have never really tested this on windows 2k. Keep searching the forums for the answer. As a last resort you could install the product and see if it works.

    Currently MP does not offer any built in server/client at this point in time. Please remember that MP is still in beta and many people are working hard to make MP rock solid. That’s where the current focus of the product is. I assume that once this is done, something like that will arise.


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    Also be aware that users have used Nlite installations and found that it lacked things that stopped MP functioning properly. Some could correct and were required to format and install a proper XPSP2 copy.

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