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August 9, 2012
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I use the Windows Media Centre remote and receiver. At some point during the day some of the remote keys on the WMC remote stop being understood by MediaPortal. I know the keys are fine as they work fine in Windows Media Centre. The only way MP will understand them again is by restarting Windows.

This was an issue in older versions of MP by the way - so it's not just related to this Beta.

Anyone know why this is happening, or why a restart of Windows would fix it but not a restart of MP? With this in mind I'm happy to build in a macro that fires off a batch to restart a process or service as a workaround.

Any input gratefully received.

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    I suspect your driver has a corruption if this is a RC6 receiver (ehome infrared receiver (USBCIR) shown in DM), uninstall using device manager (DM), use the option delete the software for this device, once done, unplug receiver, restart windows, once fully booted, re-insert usb receiver, now see if it works.

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