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Discussion in 'My TVSeries' started by bazfletch3, February 29, 2012.

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    Ive been trying to sort out some issues with my grand designs DVD's that Ive ripped into My TV Series; I spent a couple of hours on the TVDB forums as evidently grand designs is a pain in the butt when it comes to naming and sorting episodes.

    Essentially, the issue is that a "series 6" DVD may in fact be made up of episodes which are taken from different series or years (the "revisisted" show concept further complicates this).

    What I want to do is simply replicate the overall DVD experience within MP.

    When I imported into My TV Series, I selected the "match by DVD order" option; and the matching process, whilst not perfect, is pretty close; I manualy had to line up a few of the episodes.

    The scraper then pulled all the info ok. When I review the details screen of the individual episodes, I noticed that a couple of episodes have no data in the DVD fields (DVD series # and DVD episode #); I entered this accordingly - my entered data shows up in a different colour.

    When I then start MP and go into My TV series, I select the "view in DVD order" option (appologies I dont think my terminology for this is right; but it was another step that I took!) and have the following situation....

    All episodes bar the ones for which i manually edited the DVD fields as noted above are sorted and displayed correctly; the episodes that are not behaving the way i would like are being filed and displayed under their original aired details (so under a different series).

    It looks to me that either my manual changes are not being picked up and "actioned", or another field somewhere is overiding anything that I am doing....

    Does anyone have any suggestions??

    If my descriptions dont make sense please query me and I will try to provide more detail; its always hard to describe something that makes perfect sense to you!!



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